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01-20-2013, 03:52 PM
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Just awesome. About time those Grand Rapids players got what was coming to them. They are the biggest whiners and "play innocent" even though they attempt to play dirty and physical.

When I watched the game a while ago on a Griffins' station...the announcers were whining and *****ing about how pathetic the Griffins team was for getting physically dominated and basically punked out. The "tough guys" like Callahan and Grant. Even the announcers were calling them out for letting the Rockford Icehogs destroy them physically and not throw one single hit back. They are WEAK. But they are also SNEAKY. They love to try and play innocent when they get beat down and embarrassed but they usually start everything.

For instance, when Kyle Beach beat the crap out of Landon Ferraro who suckered him and jumped him. That was the most hilarious of all. Landon Ferraro jumps in to instigate with Beach and sucker punches him....then Beach pounds him into oblivion and keeps whaling on the weakling until his arm gets tired from punching his head. Then the announcers say "wow..those refs are ridiculous. They need to protect our player! He can't stand up for himself so the refs need to get in there right away to break it up!"

Then now Kyle Beach gets blamed for beating the crap out of Riley Sheahan who is 6'3 and 215 pounds or whatever. Funny how on the prospects board we hear about how gritty and tough he is and with his size...look out! But yet he gets a beat down and he is the little sister and completely innocent.

Funny how the Griffins goons jump off the bench to come and try to help their helpless little brothers and the Icehogs are the ones being blamed. This whole thing was the Griffins fault for leaving the bench and they took the beatdown that they deserved. That goalie fight was awesome...watching Carter Hutton destroy that dirty, annoying Petr Mrazek. Dude is the whiniest goalie in the AHL and the biggest POS so it was awesome so see him get destroyed.

This beatdown was a long time coming because of the dirty little plays of the Griffins. They like to play possum and they like to claim innocent(well they don't...the fans do) but anyone who has watched every game so far(I have) knows that both teams get under each others skin. The Griffins get physically dominated every match but so what? Does that allow them to pull dirty stunts and play so grimy? I don't think so.

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