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Originally Posted by Ace14 View Post
The question isn't who was the better player, it's who was most dominant. Wilt dominated his sport like few others could. I put him in a category with Mike Tyson. Not the best of all time, but about as dominant of your peers as you can get
Sure both Wilt and Tyson dominated but one has to look at their competition as well don't they?

Even looking beyond the "fixing" of matches in boxing where young up and commers get fights they are supposed to win, the heavy weight division when Tyson fought was a bit of a joke.

Few people would put Tyson above Ali for instance, in part due to the level of competition Ali had.

I'd take Wayne here quite easily, his domination in the offensive part of the game was extremely high and for a very long period of time and his post season exploits and best on best tournaments make him the unmatched number 1 player in the histroy of the game.

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