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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Mike Penny, then a scout with the Canucks actually went to Bure's games and presented proof as to Bure's eligibility.

According to Penny the only other scout actively tracking and getting copies of game sheets was a Washington one but he missed (I think it was a Xmas day one out of the way that Penny borrowed a car and drove to and saw no other NHL scouts at) this game and Penny had the right amount of games to make Bure eligible.

the rest was history.

There is no doubt with current scouting reports that Bure and Federov would have went 1,2 in that draft IMO.
Absolutely right. Mike Penny explains at 3:34 of the following video:

While Detroit may have tried to draft Bure earlier, only the Canucks had proof he was eligible. Pavel single-handedly made Vancouver one of the premier teams to watch in the league, and inspired a great number of people to become fans of the team. He brought stardom to the lineup, and was the key to converting British Columbia into Canucks nation. The team had fans already, but when he arrived on the scene, the fanbase grew exponentially. Without him, I'm not sure what the Canucks' fate as a franchise would have been in the 1990s.

If Detroit had successfully drafted him, Pavel's career would have transcended anything he could have accomplished in Vancouver. With the talent on the Wings' roster, he would have pushed them over the top and would have helped bring even more success to the franchise. His point totals would have reached even greater heights, and he would have contributed to the team's Stanley Cup success. Most importantly, I think he would have remained healthy and would have experienced a lengthy career that may have spanned into the current decade. Would Bure still be in the NHL a la Jagr and Selanne if he were healthy? There is a good chance of that, certainly. The numbers he could have accomplished throughout his career would have been phenomenal. As a Canucks fan, I think the worst thing to happen to him was to be drafted by the Canucks.

With the addition of a Stanley Cup victory in 1995 or 1996, the Wings would no doubt be considered one of hockey's great dynasties, and Bure likely would have been a multiple Stanley Cup champion. How many more cups they could have won is something to think about.

His career would have been entirely different had the Wings drafted him, and there is no question in my mind that he would have easily cemented himself as one of the top players of all time. Nobody would need to be convinced that he was a superb player.

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