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Originally Posted by Long Duk Dong View Post
You can't take physical size and use that as a fault. Also, Wayne played in an era where 2min shifts were common, so playing time is a non-factor as well. I'd still put Wayne ahead of Wilt, but those are bad arguments.

There's so many factors in this, and stats are only a part. I'd go with:

1) [B]Babe Ruth absolute #1, as I mentioned earlier. Like Phil said, he's a HOF pitcher, then hits more home runs than an entire team does.[/B

2) Mike Tyson. For his short peak, he was absolutely unbeatable until personal stuff got in the way.

3) Wayne Gretzky, or could be Orr. Wayne's offensive numbers were sick, but a defenseman winning the Art Ross is just as impressive. Take your pick on that one. Neither is wrong.

I'm not a fan of soccer, football is too much reliant on the team, maybe Richard Petty but I don't think that's a sport in the traditional sense.

One more to add, but don't know where to place him, Jim Thorpe. Guy pretty much won any physical event handily. 2 maybe and drop the rest down one? I dunno.
Anyone having Ruth as #1 has to give their head a shake.

1st of all he did not have a HOF career at SP, his record was 94-46 with 1 great season, one very good one and 2 decent ones.

2nd when Ruth hit more Home Runs than an entire team does in his early HR heroics, it was because other teams weren't trying to hit HR's the conventional wisdom of the day was to put the ball into play and get men on base.

The 3rd point is the most important, people forget that baseball was segregated and Ruth played in a white only league. It would be the equivalent of a hockey player playing in a Canadian only league post early 90's.

The fact of the matter is how competitive could the league really be when Ruth was getting drunk and ******* it up before games on a frequent basis? Probably quite a bit lower than at later stages and especially after baseball became integrated.

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