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01-20-2013, 04:26 PM
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Actually, continuing from and modifying a bit my post above... It was incorrect to say that the inability for the owners to decide which team gets put in the East is the primary problem. Another element is the idea, or possible League rule, that a whole alignment package needs to be done in one fell swoop rather than simply solving a particular alignment issue. Winnipeg by default was put in the SE, but there appears to be this situation in which simply removing Winnipeg from the SE can't be considered; it can't simply be considered to have Winnipeg by default fall into the Central in place of some team (which my above post specifically gives attention to) from the Central which would take Winnipeg's place in the SE. No, that simplistically, for whatever reason, can't be done. The whole package of which team would actually take the Central Division vacancy must also be decided, and if that has ripple effects with other Divisions then those resulting decisions also decided. All of that makes the whole issue far too complicated, too many conflicting possibilities for the owners to reach that magic number of agreement which is needed.

If the owners could simply break the process down into first just getting Winnipeg out of the SE, then that in itself might just be manageable to do.
- If it were voted on for Detroit to be put in the East, the whole remaining Western Conference would probably vote against it. That's likely 14 votes against.
- If it were voted on for Nashville to be put in the East, the whole Eastern Conference (possibly with the exception of Carolina) would vote against it (not liking another Time Zone in their midst), plus Detroit and Columbus (thinking that they rightfully should have that honor). That's likely 16 votes against.
- If it were voted on for Columbus to be put in the East (and specifically in the SE), Detroit would vote against it, the SE teams might vote against it (not wanting another not well-established market in their midst, likely preferring the likes of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Detroit), Nashville might vote against it (though it could probably be persuaded that the East would never accept Nashville), and possibly even Columbus might vote against it (thinking that it might still be better off in the Central than in the SE). That's likely about 6 votes against.

So ultimately, putting Columbus in the Southeast might be a passable vote; IF not for the implications of how the West would be realigned and having to deal with that before anything can be done. Unnecessary obstacle to getting Winnipeg out of the SE, IMO, but that seems to be the reality of the situation.

And now with the 4-Division idea, it just muddies the waters further, because if Minnesota or Dallas (among a couple of other teams) don't get the alignment they want, they'll vote against whatever option and push things towards the 4-Division scenario.

* Hey, if anyone has details to present that contradict what I'm saying, then by all means point them out. I'd personally like not to be stating things on this topic which simply are not true.

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