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Originally Posted by WhiskeyYourTheDevils View Post
I really like the Kane comparison, they just look so similar out there. I think Kane has the better hands, speed, and shot, but I think Gaudreau's patience and composure are a bit better than Kane's, and he has better instincts around the net. They both have elite vision, but I think Gaudreau has got a bit more of a scorer's touch - his shot isn't very hard but he can place it better than any prospect I've seen. He just puts it where the goalie isn't - just look at his 2nd goal against Canada. He just flipped the puck up into the far corner. He loves streaking down the left wing and shooting far side, and it seems like he doesn't miss often. His shot accuracy is insane.

John might look like Kane out there but let's slow down the hype train a bit here.

At the same point in their development and age Kane was enjoying the middle of his 2nd .88 PPG season in the NHL.

John had a great world junior tourney on a large ice surface and is dominating HE.

There is a world of difference here and it's more likely that John ends up being more like (insert small US College superstar who doesn't make it) than Patrick Kane.

I always love when a little guy makes it, like Gallagher making the Habs this year but fan bases tend to ignore the realities and likelihood of the odds as well at times and then hater when pretty objective analysis is brought forward.

As a Canuck fan I was happy to see Schroeder drop but it looks like he will be thrown on the bin of really good fast little guys in the lower tiers that didn't make it (which is where most of them end up).

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