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01-20-2013, 04:54 PM
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No offense Newfy, but you are being extremely biased and huge homer as usual. This is why even your fellow Red Wings fans call you a homer and can't take your "scouting reports" on Wings' prospects seriously.

You are crying because your weakling prospects got beat up. Funny how you go on and on about how much of a beast Sheahan is and how he is so great...6'3, 215 pounds and wow....he will add a physical game this year! What a beast! Yet now, he is the poor little sister that got beat up by the big bad bully Kyle Beach. He is a sissy...not Beach's fault. Maybe he was wasted like when he got a super-DUI in Michigan...threatening YOUR life and the Wings' fans lives by driving around plastered. He is a scum bag. Kyle Beach hasn't done anything like that before. Sheahan is a dirty ******* just like Max Nicastro(did he **** and molest her?) and Brendan Smith(beat up by Andrew Shaw and how many drinking tickets does he have?).

You look at everything from extremely bias eyes and distort everything to look the way you want it to. Landon Ferraro jumped in and cheap shotted Kyle Beach. THEN HE GOT HIS ASS WHOOPED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. Maybe he shouldn't throw cheap shots if he doesn't want to get beat to a bloody pulp. The Griffins team is filled with fake tough guys and people who want to stick up for themselves but get beat down and never get up.

I remember watching a Griffins stream and their own announcers were calling out the team for being wimps and *******. "WHERE IS TRISTAN GRANT? WHERE IS CALLAHAN? I THOUGHT THESE GUyS WERE TOUGH"...lmao. They were running and hiding. They are sissies and the announcers felt helpless because at least they would've put up a fight.

Now this is the Icehogs fault that the retard Griffins jumped off the bench to start a brawl? Give me a break. Even 2 on 1 the Icehogs are likely to kick their ass. They are weaklings like Tomas Jurco..soft. I think we saw a bit of foreshadowing in the Wings/Blues game last night of things to come. Weak, uninspired hockey and guys like Jurco, Nyquist, Smith will continue the trend unfortunately. Wings' fans are hilarious though..whining about their team being scared little sisters. "Kyle Beach is a bully! He beat up my fav player!!".

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