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01-20-2013, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
I also agree that we can be competitive by next season as well, assuming management plays it smart and employs some intelligent asset management. I never want to see my habs lose, but the shortened season and seeing for my very eyes how exciting a kid like Galchenyuk can be will make the losses sting a bit less.

I think a lot of us knew that with the signings of Prust, Armstrong and Bouillon that management isn't really expecting to 'go for it' this year. And I'm thankful for that. The only thing worse than narrowly missing the playoffs or getting bumped in the 1st round is doing either of those while giving up future assets.
Would you put yourself in the pro-rebuilding group?

Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
Not what I said. They don't carry much value in a trade, but for us, they're all we have.
If they're all we have, we aren't going anywhere. Better to accept this now and do something about it rather than pretending that it's good enough.
Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
We have nothing even remotely close to replacing Cole or pleks in the foreseeable future.
So what though... I don't mean this disrespectfully... I mean it sincerely. So what? If we aren't winning does it really matter?
Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
Sure, deals kabs if you can, we should of never brought him in the first place same with Bourque. I'm a bit sentimental with Markov, would love to see him retire a hab, but if we get offered a blow you away deal, make it. Pleks value can't be replaced easily. Would prefer to have him on our roster than deal him for picks. Gionta, probably could net a decent return, but I don't see much accelerating going on here tbh.
Plecs is a good two way center. That's why he'd get us something of value. Kabs isn't going to do that. Nobody is suggesting that we give Plecs away but if we could get a good prospect then yes we should do it.

A couple of years ago Kyle Turris was available. He'd underperformed but he was a highly ranked prospect. In my opinion that's the kind of guy you take a gamble on. Now Plecs may not have been the return they were looking for (I think he probably wasn't) but I'd have given up Plecs for that kind of prospect.

Maybe it's Forsberg or some other guy that Timmins likes. Plecs isn't going to lead us anywhere though and we're losing without him anyway so we might as well deal him while he still has some value.
Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
Until the subban fiasco, it seemed MB was well on track for re-building patiently & effectively.

Adding grit/character depth players, locking up key assets long term...

Paid a premium for Prust, but at 2.5m a worthwhile risk to fill a gaping hole in our bottom-6.

Dropping the ball in extending Subban long term ( or getting a massive return in trading him), will set us back big time, and worse, the hole subban leaves will only serve to further pressure management (both in on ice play & in PR) to "do something", which is recipe for blunder
If Subban goes sideways (and I don't think it will) would change everything. We'd be seriously screwed. I'm not too worried about that happening yet though.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Here's what I think we *could* get at the deadline:

Tier 1:
Plekanec: A 1st and 2nd and a young player with supportive cast upside, or an advanced prospect.
Markov: Same as Plekanec.
Cole: A 1st.

Tier 2:
Bourque: A 2nd if we're lucky.
Kaberle: A 2nd and a 3rd, like Zidlicky got.
Gionta: A 2nd and a 3rd.

Tier 3:
Bouillon: A 3rd rounder
Nokelainen: A 4th rounder
Budaj: A 4th rounder

Are we going to get *all of that*? No. These are best case scenarios for each individual player, but they're anti-correlated as a whole. There's only so much ice time and power play time to go around in Montreal, so if some of them have maximized trade value, others will have minimized trade value. Finally, there is only so much demand in the trade market. Further, some of these guys will be injured, that's inevitable.

A very satisfactory result would be to sell one player from each tier at the deadline. That would mean maybe 1 or 2 roster spots for rookies next year, and thus 2 or 1 UFA signings.
I think you might be overrating the value of Markov. He'd have to have a spectacular season to fetch something like that. A 1st for him though? I think that's realistic if he has a decent year.
Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
I think you've overvalued some here , but it would be a mistake to trade Plek for a pick. If you trade Plek it should be part of a hockey deal that gets you a good forward in return. Sometimes you trade for picks or add them to deals to balance but you have to convert Plekanec into a solid player for the roster.

I've said it elsewhere the availabilily of TP hinges on Eller growing into a 2nd line centre.
I'd rather deal Plecs for a prospect too.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Work on your reading skills.

Nobody has suggested that drafting is the problem.

It's quite simple: our drafting is excellent, ergo we should stockpile as many picks as possible.
Dude, you're wasting your time with that guy. All he does is come up with one-liners that have nothing to do with what you're saying and distorts things. Take my advice and put him on ignore. You'll be glad you did.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
And here's my problem are we likely to finish in the bottom with Price, Subban, Pacioretty, etc...

Price can drag the team out the basement by himself if he has a good season. It's very hard to tank when you have an elite goaltender
Price is a great goalie, top five in the league. Put him on a strong team and he'd be awesome.

He can keep us in games but he won't lead this team anywhere as it's constructed. We finished in the bottom with both those guys last year and Cole had a career year. Maybe we'll be better this season but odds are we're going to miss again.

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