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01-20-2013, 05:14 PM
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If you use your argument about contract extension for Pavelec (which is slightly off) for Enstrom than your argument about Enstrom would contradict your above statements.

In the end I look at it like this...

Top pair Enstrom - Byfuglien:
One of the top 10 pairs (as a whole) in the league. Enstrom is actually more of a two-way guy but get's erroneously called offensive due to his size. When together they outscore the opponent which wins you games. Heck Byfuglien has been getting better defensively and I think yesterday showed that. Enstrom is not a rover but in-fact a strong support player in being Byfuglien's safety net (much like Suter was for Weber who also is a rover). I see no changes needed here... and even if Byfuglien starts regressing Bogosian should be able to take the role no problem.

Second pair Hainsey-Bogosian:
When together (which due to injuries between the two or between Enstrom and Byfuglien wasn't often enough... only 272 mins or 13-18 games) they actually out shoot and score on the opponent and win games. Hainsey isn't a long term solution but we will hopefully be able to find a stop-gap to replace him in the 2013 UFA pool. Trouba will most likely be here in 3-4 years which will either pair up with Bogosian or replace Bogosian if Bogosian ends up on the first pair.

Bottom pair Stuart-Postma:
Stuart and Postma while opposites in what they do are the same in that they will both be effective only in a sheltered bottom role. They are easy to fill out in FA or waivers, but it shows our problem. When one of our top4 get injured we don't have any replacements for them.

Enstrom isn't a rover or primarily O defenseman. Enstrom is a 2way (although undersized) defenseman whose main game is playing smart positional hockey. He's one if not our most effective defensemen in reducing shots and goals.
Trouba wasn't drafted as an offensive defensemen. Trouba was projected to be a defensive defensemen that had a solid enough shot that he could play point shot for secondary PP. A lot of people were comparing Trouba early to Foote. Recently Trouba has found his offensive game and may turn out to be more of a two-way guy with a mean streak a la Pronger or Weber (not saying he'll be as amazing as them, just style-wise).
I think you're wrong that Glass and Thorburn are good defensively...
I find that defensive defensemen is a huge misnomer as the "true" meaning of the word is REALLY rare. A defensive defensemen would be someone who has strong skating, positioning and breakout pass, so they are useful in shuttdown players and pushing the play forward but don't have playmaking skills or shot to be dangerous offensively. Scuderi on the LAK is a perfect example of this. But, truculent defensemen tend to get placed in the role of defensive defensemen because the better defensemen are given more offensive roles and because they try hard... they actually tend (not always *cough* Postma) be worse defensively than offensive defensemen but they don't have any use elsewhere. These examples are like our own Stuart (more truculent/heart&soul guy) is less efficient defensively than Hainsey (more offensive guy).

I see our problems as this... we only have 3 guys who can be a main piece in a top 4 (Enstrom, Byfuglien and Bogosian), one guy who can support a top4 player but can no longer carry the load (Hainsey). Honestly if we can upgrade Hainsey in the offseason to a guy who doesn't need to always need to be the support piece and give some developmental years to guys like Postma... we'll be fine.

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