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01-20-2013, 05:45 PM
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Just wanna get your guys take on the season now that it's reached the half way mark officially. Time to grade the players!! Here's what I got..

No player on this team deserves more than a B.

Ed Davis: B
Showing some of that talent we all thought he would have given his moment to shine now that Bargnani is out for a significant period.
Amir Johnson: B-
One of our best forwards this season. Solid play all around and keeping his fouls down too finally.
Jose Calderon: C+
Coming off the bench he's inconsistent and he's still a lackluster defender but he's playing a great offensive game and is playing well as a starter in Lowrys place.
Derozan: C-
Still way to incosistent and doesn't have the ability to take defenders off the dribble or shoot the 3. His defense is still lacking. Has to work on his 3 pt. shot and help defense.
Bargnani: F
Brutal start and now injured. He's not missed at all. Was supposed to be one of our go to players and his absense has actually improved the team. He needs to GTFO.
Valunciunas: C
He's a rookie big Euro so ya he's gonna look bad at times but he's shown glimpses of being a very good premier center at a premium position. BC or next GM better not trade him.
Lowry: C
Good start to the season until he got injured. Now seems to be sulking and his body language isn't good. Has struggled with injuries too. Mediocre season from a player we gave up a lottery pick for. He needs to pick his game up.
Allan Anderson B-
Big surprise. Not looking like a D-Leaguer anymore. He takes way to many shots though and doesn't play a team game. Needs to play within himself and the team and not be so selfish. I wish DD had his swagger and lack of fear for taking shots though.
Fields: D+
He was an F to start the season but since coming back from surgery he's improved so my grade on him has too. He's still wildly inconsistent but he's getting better. Not a liability at least anymore.
Ross: C
Good shot, good defender, great athleticism but hasn't been able to put it all together yet. Glimpses of looking great just like JV but again a rookie who seems to hit the wall and then come out of it.
Acy: N/A
Still raw as hell but he looks like a more athletic version of Reggie Evans. I like his game around the rim and he has more finish than I thought he did. I could see him becoming a pretty good journeyman tough guy.
Gray: D+
Meh... 3rd stringer for a reason. Very slow footed and basically a big body out there to get some garbage points/time/injury time and free fouls for Casey.
Kleiza: F
The Bargnani of our SF's. Terrible. He can't defend anymore, he rebounds okay and he takes ill advised 3's. He is way to inconsistent and overpaid. Only reason he has stuck around is to help JV get acclimated to the NA game and culture/country shock.
Lucas III: D
3rd string PG and has played like one. His 1st quarter of the season was brutal after a good pre-season. He's turned it around a bit lately though so that's why he doesn't get an F.
Pietrus: C
A SF that at least gets paid to do what he does well. He's not overpaid and has been adequate at the SF since replacing that scrub McGuire.

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