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01-20-2013, 05:51 PM
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Our current home/roads are mediocrities...they're boring, but functional. I don't know how anyone could rate them as the worst in the league as long as Dallas, Anaheim, and Colorado are still wearing their jokes (and despite Florida getting the colors right their jerseys are still painful to look at...and Ottawa has the same exact scheme as us with an atrocious logo, and...).

That third jersey that JackFr posted is essentially what I'm expecting.

And don't get me wrong when I say boring...I mean that template doesn't make the colors pop like they should and the vegas gold just looks drab and out of place (the template also makes Ottawa's scheme look bad). They're more complex than our pre-lockout jerseys, but those looked ten times better. I love simplistic designs...there' just a thin line between classy and boring.

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