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Originally Posted by Kalvinators View Post
Not saying that he was horrible or anything.

But Bruce said that he wants to test how`ll Rakell respond to NHL.
The game was decided looong time before the end horn, so it was perfect time to test Rakell, but Bruce didn`t and gave Rakell the least minutes.

What i tried to say is, IMO Bruce gave him a look, but didn`t exactly trusted him. Again - it was perfect situation to give Rakell a test in the NHL. If he wasn`t able to keep up phisically, technically or whatever, then he`s not so ready for NHL this year. (Hell, i dunno if Rakell himself imagined him playing an NHL game before the season.)
Boudreau has been one of Rakell's most vocal fans. That being said, if you're expecting a coach to trust a 19 year old in his first game, you're dreaming. Unless a rookie is an absolute phenom, you're just not going to see that type of trust in the first game(especially when there was a shortened training camp and no pre-season games... Rakell hasn't had an opportunity to earn that type of trust). It would be even tougher for Rakell on the 4th line, because he isn't exactly surrounded by top end talent who could make up for any of his mistakes.

I think you have a tendency to jump to conclusions based on stats, because you're unable to see the player. In this case, I think you're jumping to a conclusion based on 10 minutes of ice time, but as bumperkisser said those were all even strength minutes, and that's actually pretty decent for a rookie in his first game. It certainly doesn't suggest Boudreau doesn't trust him. Just that he's easing him in, which is smart coaching.

this - NO.
That means that Holland would be better suited for now for that role.
Then, with all due respect, you made your point poorly. Holland may be the better choice for that spot, and I expect Holland will get a chance to show what he's capable of against Calgary. However, if Boudreau picks Rakell over Holland it's not going to be because Holland sucks. It will be because Rakell earned it in Boudreau's eyes. Suggesting that Holland would need to suck to lose it takes any credit away from Rakell.

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