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01-20-2013, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Kelly23 View Post
He is a guy who asks Thornton to go before the puck drops and then refuses to go when thornton gets his gloves off, the ref was right there and gave Weise a penalty for being a coward St Lous is getting no grit.
Originally Posted by StringerBell View Post
Educate yourself. That's not what happened.
Originally Posted by Kelly23 View Post
Then what did happen how did you see it? The ref was a foot away and heard Weise challange Thornton so unless you were the center on the Canucks you could not have heard better than the ref how about you don't call me uneducated without backing up your claim.

Weise is a coward no two ways about it.
Originally Posted by StringerBell View Post
EDIT: My mistake, it wasn't Thornton who admitted it, it was Marchand. Here's the quote:

I’m going to clear it up for everyone who’s listening,” Marchand said. “It was actually a really sneaky play by Thorty. Weise was trying to fight McQuaid, who was standing behind Thornton on the point. McQuaid was going to fight him. So, Weise was yelling and saying, ‘Yeah, let’s go, let’s go.’

“Thorty just figured that at that point he’d drop his gloves and surprise Weise. And the ref just kind of heard Weise yelling ‘Let’s go’ and thought he was talking to Thorty and conning him into a penalty. Thorty kind of surprised him when Thorty dropped his gloves. Weise had no idea Thorty was going to do that.”

Added Marchand: “Him and Quaider know each other a bit from the minors and I think junior as well. They might have went at [it] there.”


Nothing like your own player proving you wrong.

As for this thread, the OP is clearly ill informed of Andy Mac's value to the Blues. No sane fan would expect them to take that.
And to the poster that earlier said Weise has 2nd line potential... yeah no.

edit vvv: He's closer to plug than he is to a 2nd liner, that's for damn sure.

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