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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
Bourque struggled at times in the playoffs when teams could key on him in transition, so I think you want to give him more help in transition in the ATD than he had IRL.

Of course you could say the same about Orr to a lesser degree, so it's hardly a damning criticsm.
This is why we went Lidstrom... Bourque had to be the center of his offense when playing... no fault of his bit it was he and an undrafted center for many years that ran the Boston offense and the situation developed his style to a great degree. Perhaps he does not do as well if you give him a puck management system with good depth... Lidstrom however is the best I have ever seen at starting things from his end... he'd pinch sure but 99% of the time he was the trailer on those plays after having jumpstarted a beautiful rush.

He was Mr. Consistent... you look at his career and playoff PPG and it was virtually unchanged. Bourque had a drop in those numbers as teams keyed on him in transition as you say.

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