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01-20-2013, 06:00 PM
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I still love you apic even if you hate me. LOL You can say what you want about the 49ers fans and you probably included me above. I didn't ask much from you but you always have to dog and make excuse for the 49ers. Kind of like you want respect for Falcons but others dogged them.

49er fans been through a lot for so long. Just let them enjoy and get over it already.
Haha I don't hate you but I hate you as a fan because every play is a heart attack. I respect the 49ers and haven't made any excuses for their wins at all. Not once. Great defenses don't come around this league very often, and back when the Kaepernick and Smith contreversy started, I said Kaepernick is proactive and puts the 49ers over the hump, while Smith is reactive and manages games and they will not win a Super Bowl with him playing. This week is a perfect example of it. No way Smith comes back from down 17.

I took the Packers this year because I thought they were the better team. I took the Falcons in the preseason to win the SB so I wasn't going to back out on that now. Has nothing to do with a vendetta. I hate the Patriots more than any NFL team, but I pick them to win all the time.