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01-20-2013, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Dominating statistically? It's still Gretzky. On a side note there is no way Wilt is the #1 NBA player ever. Maybe he's #2, but #1 belongs to Jordan and only him. Wilt could have fared better in the postseason though. Russell always got the best of him so this dominant force probably should have won more than twice. Just saying.

I agree that Babe Ruth is a player who should enter into the mix. Probably would have been a Hall of Famer solely as a pitcher but once he was traded to the Yankees and became a full time hitter it was "Good night Irene" for the rest of the league.
Good points on Russell. During the time Chamberlain was 'dominating'. Russell won 11 Championships.
He was MVP 5 times. All Star 12 times. 5 time rebounding champ.

That's one mother of an asterisk beside 'dominating', IMO.


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