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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
Fine, change Detroit to the NJD. There is more than I one way to skin a cat.
Are you suggesting New Jersey wasn't a rebuild?

I've posted this a few times over the years. I posted it back in 2007 when I suggested that we should deal Koivu and Souray and company (and of course we didn't and went nowhere)

Here are the Multi-cup winners since the advent of the modenr draft:

Montreal (1970s) 3 top 4 picks in four years. Including two number ones.
Key picks: Lafleur number one. Shutt number four.

Islanders (1980s) 3 straight years with top four picks including two number ones.
Key picks: Potvin number one.

Oilers (1980s) Difficult to assess because they were a WHL team. They had Gretzky (would've been no. 1) and a team before the draft. Afterwards:
Key picks: Coffey 6th. Fuhr 8th.

Pittsburgh (1990s) 3 straight years with top 5 picks. 6 top five picks in 7 years.
Key picks: Lemieux number one. Jagr number five. Pittsburgh went on to win a cup with another rebuild years later.

New Jersey (1990s) 7 out of 10 years with top ten picks. Including 4 straight years with top 6 picks. In that span they had 5 top five picks.
Key picks: Niedermeyer, Muller, Maclean, Guerin, Shanahan... all top five. Shanahan lost in the Stevens fiasco.

Quebec/Colorado 5 straight years with a top 5 pick including 3 straight number ones. Included in that span: 7 straight years of top ten picks.
Key picks: Sundin, Lindros... number one. Many of these picks were dealt off for other prospects including Forsberg (6th). And later, Roy.

Detroit 5 top ten picks in seven years including 3 top five picks and a number one. They also had two 11th overall picks in that span.
Key picks: Yzerman number four. Primeau number 3. Primeau dealt for Shanahan. The Wings went on to win a cup after this post and it didn't include rebuild picks.

Montreal 1980s The only multi cup winning team that was not a rebuild. Montreal drafted Patrick Roy in the 2nd round and he lead the team to 2 cups. Peter Svoboda was a top five pick but not integral to the team's success.

And these are just the multi cup winners. If we include cup winners almost all before the lockout had top picks leading the way. Since the latest lockout we've seen 4 out of 7 rebuilding teams win cups. Even if it were only 50% of the time though (and it's been far better than that) it's still a repeatable strategy.

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