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01-20-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
He knows the team can under-perform this year and the benifits will be good with the draft, he knows PK hasn't fully establish what he is asking for and if he did, he would end-up having a hard time saying no when in the future to other players who would ask for the same price.

He's also gaining the trust of his current players by not giving the guy who's a little controversial too much credit.
That doesn't make any sense. Say Eller came off his ELC, what power does he have to ask for a longer deal? He's centering the 3rd/4th line, no PP time, never even cracked 35pts.
PK, used as #1 Dman for 3/4 of his career here (and for the 1/4, used as #2), faces top oppositions, effective in all situations, and produced.
So how exactly would PK's signing to a long term deal set a precedent for every other RFA coming off their ELC?

As I previously mentioned, PK would be an exception, not the norm.

As for MB gaining the trust of his players, that's BS. He let his best player of the past two years at home..Great job earning trust there...
He's trying to build himself a reputation as a hardball negotiator. But that's not necessarily a good thing.
Also, How is PK controversial??
Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
Yes PK has the ice-time to be recognized as a solid D, he also has a +9 rating in a 15th placed team 1st amongst defencemen. But that's not enough to spit out 6M$ a year and since the team needs to add players, that contract would jeopardize the UFA and trade market this summer.
That's backwards logic. Let's not pay our great young player so we can go overpay for aging free agents...sure..Real smart idea.

Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
Don't worry, Subban will play in MTL this season, simply because he has no choice, since if he sits this one out no GM in his right state of mind would give him the money he asks for. Maybe a floor team would but I don't suspect he'd be willing to play in PHX, DAL, or Long Island.
Nobody knows exactly what he's looking for, not sure how PK suddenly got this greedy and selfish reputation. Strongly doubt he's asking for 6M. There's only 11 hockey players in the NHL making that cap hit, so I doubt he's asking for that. Around 5M makes more sense, and I'm sure there's plenty of GMs that would gladly sign PK (even at 6M, or at least negotiate a bit).

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