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01-20-2013, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by The Overseer View Post
A question to all of the hysterical people who think last night changed Luongo's value:
If Schneider plays well in his next start, does Luongo's trade value go way up?
Be consistent, fellas.
You're missing the point entirely.

Schneider ******** the bed means Luongo will likely not be traded; it has nothing to do with Luongo's value.

If Schneider plays well and Luongo is considered an asset the Canucks can afford to trade; his value will actually dip lower than currently.

The only way Luongo's value increases; is if he is bought out of his current horrible contract. The main thing dictating his value at this present moment. No one wants to touch that contract; including Vancouver.

I'm not sure how you came to that assessment; as there is absolutely nothing to dictate an increase in Schneider's play; increasing Luongo's worth.

I'm not investing much interest in the result of that one game personally; the Leafs are also not raising their offer. That is regardless how the Leafs perform. There is no pressure in Toronto to acquire Luongo; there is more pressure not to make that trade.

No matter what the Vancouver media is trying to sell you all over there; make no mistake. The Leafs have their best offer on the table; that will not change. If you get a better fit; make the deal or keep Luongo. Nothing will change Nonis' offer; as Luongo still has the same horrible contract that has his value as low as it is right now.

The mistake you are all making is that Luongo's current value is not dictated by his current abilities. Everyone knows what Luongo is capable of doing. What actually dictates his value is that gargantuan contract; going into a dip in the salary cap. A contract that will see a goalie approaching his mid-thirties; stick on your team for a decade. A contract that solidifies the need to be damn sure Luongo is a starter for a decade; as that is not the price tag of a back up.

This conversation is going in circles. The Leafs' offer is on the table; the only change that will happen to this offer is it coming off the table or lowering. Now that you are once again made aware of this fact; feel free to deal with the multiple other teams Gillis tried desperately to leak to the media that are supposedly interested.

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