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12-13-2003, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by DRL
Since Aebi has proven he might have what it takes to get the job done, the avs focus appears to be on obtaining a veteran backup who has playoff experience ala tugnutt for turco.

there was an article detailing the avs switch to getting a backup on spectors today.

so who's out that there that fits that description.

burke-to good to be a backup, costly as well

dafoe- stated he would never play for the avs

turek- let's see, mikka appears to be the new #1, mclennan is a solid backup, tureks contract is a little to expensive to be calgarys backup.

turek has won a cup as a backup, he has gone deep before in the playoffs(2001), different style than aebi(standup vs. butterfly on knees all the time), proven in the regular season(presidents and jennings trophy). turek appears to be the perfect backup for the avs.

so what would he cost and is it possible to acquire gauthier in the trade as well.

so lets throw out some ideas for some trade options.

trade 1:

to col: turek

to calgary: col 2nd in 04

they gave up a 2nd to get mikka, now receive a 2nd back, makes sense.

trade idea 2:

to col: turek & gauthier

to flames: boychuk and florida's 2nd in 04.

i know flames fan don't want skoula and their d is one of their strong points right now, so boychuk will be ready within 2-3 years when they are going to need replacements.

now the blockbuster, trade idea 3:

to col: turek, gauthier & iginla

to cal: hedjuk, skoula/boychuk & col 1st in 04.

iggy might be too much to afford next year, duke is cheap and can replace iggy's goal scoring and then some. flames save over 8M in the deal, avs add some muscle to their top 6 and could afford iggy next year if forsberg, selanne or kariya bolt. unlikely but worth considering.

now the big problem, what is turek's contract status like, if he has too many years remaining lacroix might not consider him, but if it expires this year or he becomes a ufa in 2 (when sauve should be nhl ready) years, then he might be the PERFECT backup for the avs this year. cant see sutter worried about trading turek to a divison rival, since he unloads the contract and turek would be the backup anyways.

Very quickly- Avs (or any other team) wouldnt be interested in a 4.25 mil backup.

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