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Originally Posted by Hodgy View Post
Gillis' statements concerning Hodgson after the end of a disappointing season were bush league. He started by saying that he wasn't going to speak about the Hodgson situation/trade only to proceed to rip on Hodgson relentlessly. It was pretty hilarious watching all of Gillis' comments regarding Hodgson when you consider everything Gillis said about Hodgson a couple years before after drafting him (i.e., great kid, leader, good defensively, etc.).

The sad thing about Gillis' comments (which were really damage control) was that the whole Canucks' fanbase turned on Hodgson. Never have I seen this fanbase do such a 180 degree turn on a player (except maybe Bertuzzi). Hodgson went from future captain material that everyone clamoured over, to a bum not worthy to play in the NHL. Nothing illustrates this point more than comparisons of Hodgson and Schroeder post-Hodgson trade. Do people remember the threads comparing Hodgson and Schroeder back when Hodgson was a Canucks? It was almost unanimous...
That's the kind of stuff that happens when a parent of a professional hockey player injects themselves into the process.

Call it the Lindros Syndrome.

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