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01-20-2013, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by wilty00 View Post
I'm suprised with the attitude of alot of people around here.

Personally, I'm not upset at all about the lack of offerings from TNSE but it does suprise me that they're not doing anything when so many teams around the league are bending over backwards to make a statement.

I get that alot of it seems hollow and a desperate grab at bringing the fans back (which obviously isn't necessary in Winnipeg) but it doesn't have to be free cokes or tickets; even something simple in the community goes a long way towards acknowledging that the situation should never have happened and putting it behind you. There was alot of businesses in this city that lost alot of business because of this thing. Maybe something to acknowledge them and get people out in the downtown area again?

Who knows maybe they'll suprise everyone at the game tomorrow... I sure hope they do.

Edit: For the record, something like what Nashville is doing with the discounted tickets for firefighters, EMTs, etc. seems like a good gesture.
The Jets did something unlike the Rangers, Flyers and Coyotes. They did absolutely nothing.

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