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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
This is pretty silly on a forum with a high population % of Canadians on it (no offense).

Most DOMINATE player. Not "best". A lot of the arguments against Wilt can be used against the Great One too.

*Precursor: I was born in 1989. I did not ever see Wilt play live, nor did i see Gretzky play in his prime. The following opinions are based off of specials, highlight videos, and stats. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Wilt played in an era when basketball wasn't mainstream. When the talent pool wasn't large at all. SO DID GRETZKY. It seems to be popular opinion (and please correct me if i'm wrong) that hockey in the 80's was slightly more competitive than pre-expansion basketball. Defense and goaltending was a total joke. Goalies pads were ridiculously small, defenders were slow, with no agility. Many of them wouldn't even make an ECHL team today. Gretzky, LIKE WILT, amassed so many of his statistical successes because he was tremendous at his sport and he was so much better than his lackluster competition.

Its very close to dead even in my eyes but i give the edge to Wilt ONLY because of his physical advantages over everyone else on the court. If you're struggling to find an equivalent, imagine Zdeno Chara being an offensive monster. Thats the kind of size advantage Wilt had, which is arguably the biggest reason for his dominance. Wilt was gifted with amazing talent and an amazing body that gave him every advantage possible over his opponents.

For the record, i think a better discussion would be Gretzky vs. Jordan in terms of dominance.
Wilt's competition in the 1960s and competition today are primarily drawn from the set of American men in their athletic prime and 6'8" or taller. What other sport were these people playing in the 1960s? Surely basketball was picking up all that talent.

Similarly, what other sport were Canadians playing in the 1980s? Gretzky played against the best. And not just Canadians either.

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