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01-20-2013, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Mantra? You call it a mantra. I call it reality.

Hockey is a team sport. For a team to win, there must be cohesion and unity as a team. If there is not, there is failure.

PK's fiasco is not happening in a vacuum. All of the Habs players are very aware of it. Game 1 was last night and where was PK? Was PK concerned about his teammates? Or was he more concerned about Himself.

The team dynamic with PK involved has been damaged. You can dismiss it all you want but it plays a very large role in how a team performs.

Chemistry, trust, respect. It is an intangible not seen on video game consoles. But it is a very important dynamic for success. PK just shot it to hell last night. Time to move on in a different direction.
Or maybe his teammates agree with his decision to fight for his value in a contract? You know especially since they are coming out of a very bitter lockout with the owners.

But who knows? I don't and you don't either. So take the psychobabble stuff and toss it out because you have NO idea how this impacting team chemistry.

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