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01-20-2013, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by icerocket View Post
Or maybe his teammates agree with his decision to fight for his value in a contract? You know especially since they are coming out of a very bitter lockout with the owners.

But who knows? I don't and you don't either. So take the psychobabble stuff and toss it out because you have NO idea how this impacting team chemistry.
You call it psychobabble. I call it reality.

Team sports are called "team" sports for a reason.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Subban will be playing 24 minutes a night within 24 hours of Bergevin showing him respect.
Bergevin is being disrespectful to Subban?

Holy ****, that is funnier than your tanking thread that really wasnt about tanking.

Respect is earned, not given.

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