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01-20-2013, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by RealisticLeaf55 View Post
So let me get this straight, Bill Watters just stirring the pot against the same team that fired him? That is your source? You can't be serious right? Bill Watters is the 74385385 year old version of Steve Simmons.
Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
did you just quote bill watters for intel when he's one of the biggest jokes in toronto media?

i want to laugh but i can't because I am actually shocked if that's what edmonton fans are listening to and believing in.

Regardless this is a very very unrealistic trade views in every aspect and contrary to popular believe our agents like to re-sign with us not walk away. Aka Lupul has started contract extension.
Originally Posted by birddog View Post
Imagine an EDMONTON announcer suggesting a top young player that was a member of the hated Flames is a cancer. You might want to look at the source and the agenda before you write it in your gospel.
Originally Posted by doubledown99 View Post
Hey your welcome to keep Phaneuf. I'm just telling you I don't see Edm ever trading for him. Our radio guy who is super connected o team and has called many things Oiler related says Edm wouldn't want him. End of story. He's also been talking about Phaneufs rep since he first got dealt to Tor. In either case keep The guy. I want no part of him and I'm pretty sure out team feels the same way
Ah ok, the discredit the source tactic to defend Phaneuf? That's fine, the only problem is the interview in the link only served to confirm what I have heard about Phaneuf for years.
I am from Edmonton, Phaneuf is from Edmonton, played for the SSAC here. Hockey fans here, not just Oiler fans but Canucks, Flames, Habs, Bruins all have their opinion of Phaneuf based on what they have heard and almost to a man they are not good.
The argument about the Oilers media having an agenda against Phaneuf because he was a flame doesn't fly either.
I find it a little cringeworthy how the tires are pumped of some of the Flames players by the Oilers media. Stauffer's love fest with Bouwmeester(another Edmonton boy) is a quite sickening.
Oilers fans generally have a lot of time for local players,for example the signing of Fistric was well received, Would Oiler fans like to see Iginla, Matt Kassian, Spurgeon, Vandermeer, Mark McNeill or Johnny Boychuck as Oilers? - Hell yeah. Phaneuf - not in a million years.

To make things quite clear. I could care less what the Leaf fans think of Phaneuf. Please sign him to an even longer more ridiculous contact preferably with a NMC.
Please just stop with the Phaneuf to the Oilers proposals. We got it last year when leafs fans coveted our #1 overall and judging things by this thread it is starting again. For clarity the oilers want no part of Dion Phaneuf. I don't see what is so hard to understand about this.
In no universe where human life exists is Phaneuf worth a first rounder. There are good reasons the leafs got him for what they did.
1. Nobody else wanted him
2. The flames wanted him out and quickly.
If you think Burke just pulled off a masterstroke you are either very naive or simply deluded. Just go ask flames fans/media.
I have no problem with leafs fans burying their heads in the sand when it comes to Phaneuf, good luck, as long as I never see him in an Oilers jersey.

As you know the oilers have been through tough times, we have seen a youth revolution and there have been concerted efforts to change the culture around the hockey club. Things have started to turn around, there is no chance we put that at risk.

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