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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
No. How many hall of famers did Wilt play with on his team? How about Gretzky? Team dominance =/= Most Dominant Athlete. If Gretzky was playing with no support his whole career he would have been much easier to slow down.
paul arizin, tom gola, nate thurmond, hal greer, chet walker, jerry west, elgin baylor, gail goodrich. chamberlain usually had two fellow hall of famers on his teams. the year he won his first title, he had greer, walker, plus billy cunningham, who was a three time first team all-star and future ABA MVP. that team was s t a c k e d.

then his second title was with the freakin' lakers.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Gretzky = Chamberlain's statistical dominance of the regular season + Jordan's dominance of the postseason.
that's too far, i think. gretzky may well be the greatest playoff performer in hockey history (i go back and forth on this), but jordan... he played in one of the most competitive eras for elite talent in basketball history, and in his prime no single one of his peers won a title as long as he was in the league. and even then, russell not jordan is probably the greatest playoff performer in basketball history. it's tougher for elite hockey players to sustain the kind of year-in, year-out playoff domination that an elite basketball player can. which i guess just goes further to show what wilt should have done vs. what he actually did do.

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