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01-20-2013, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Poignant Discussion View Post

Not a close poll at all. You should not have brought up the lack of Sundin in those series. It makes the whole team look worse when you can't beat a team without their best player.

You know you don't have a fight when you use the stick thing against him. Shooting a puck at a player intentionally is way worse than being frustrated and smashing a stick. Hell Emery used to smash his sticks every goal against him. Yes the stick went into the stands but everyone knows it was unintentional (Even those dreaded Sens fans). When Alfredsson mocked him about it during a showed Alfredsson's class level yet again. He got his though a couple years down the road (Mark Bell anyone?)

Why don't we mention the division in the dressing room for the Senators in which Alfy was a big part of back in 07-08? Yes that's leadership!

How about all of his predictions? In which he looked like a fool

How about his playoffs stats 111-47-43-90 compared to Sundin's 92-38-44-82

He isn't even a point a game guy in the regular season unlike Mats

As much as I hate Mats Sundin, there is really not an argument for Alfredsson being better at anything other than maybe cheap shots
It's great how you try to take the high road about class and then brag about the Mark Bell hit.

That hit came after Toronto was eliminated from the playoffs and Toronto fans cheered as Alfie laid on the ice.

Get over the stick joke, I'm sure he and Mats had a good laugh over it.

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