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01-20-2013, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
Sorry if you perceive that as an attack. Its an observation and judging by your lack of denial, its probably accurate.
I don't need to defend myself from something that has no basis. You continuation of that without any factual evidence tells me you are grasping. It just makes you seem desperate.

I pretty much guarantee that if you take it to the main boards, or a poll, that Sundin would have an overwhelming win over Alfredsson. We as a fanbase value Alfredsson much more than anyone else does -- and that makes sense seeing as what he has done for our franchise. However just because he is our "God" doesn't make him the best player of all time. It just makes him the most valuable to us.

Sundin > Alfredsson

Also in reference to their stats when they were playing at the same time?

From 95 to 08 Sundin scored 397 goals and 940 points while Alfredsson put up 331 goals and 847 points. Pure statistics never tell the whole story, but that also discounts a few very good seasons of Sundin's (and doesn't take into account that Alfredsson peaked in a very high scoring era on one of the best lines in NHL history.)

Regardless talking about this makes me sick. Just because Sundin got into the HHOF doesn't mean that Alfredsson will. I hope that he does as does everyone else in Ottawa.

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