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Originally Posted by OCTA8ON View Post
You do realize that some players react differently when they are drafted by different teams? You do realize that a player's attitude towards the team they play for can influence their performance right? You have played hockey before right? You do know who Jeff Carter is right? Maybe we shouldn't trade Schmaltz based off of that reason solely, but we definitely don't need a right handed defensemen anytime in the near future, and him being a first round draft pick can be used as leverage towards getting Petro a stable parter…

Also, grow up with the insulting. A lot of people on the Blues's forum like being able to freely speak their minds. We don't need people like you stating other people's posts as stupid, idiotic, or retarded. Have some class for once. We are all rooting for the same team here.
Developing a quality RH defenseman is definitely a priority. You can't count on Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, and Polak being Blues forever, or even staying healthy for that matter. There is zero functional organizational depth behind them at that position right now.

Personally, I have no concern whatsoever that Schmaltz's attitude is a problem with regards to his development or his place in this organization.

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