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01-20-2013, 09:41 PM
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Cole's Plus/Minus: Game 2 Penguins vs. Rangers


+ Glass, Adams, Vitale, TK: I have to group these guys together because they are just the heart and soul of our bottom 6. TK is back like he was 2 years ago. He's skating fast, possessing the puck, and doing the things that made him a $2m a year player. After last year... that's a blessing.

As for Glass, Adams, and Vitale... just do what you guys do. They are grinding the defense down, making hits, and even looking for scoring chances. At one point, they had the #1 line defending for an entire 30-40 seconds. It was tremendous. All of these guys are the difference between us winning and losing games.

+ Geno/Neal: This pairing needs to stay together for as long as they can. They have natural chemistry and are so dangerous. Neal's release and Geno's creative skill is a match made in heaven. An additional plus for Geno's defensive game. He's just on fire when playing against Nash. I counted about 4-5 times he came back and was the difference between a scoring chance and us going the other way.

+ Defense: Every single defender has upped their game from last year. I think we can start with Paul Martin and admit he's living up to his words. It's only 2 games, but we can all see the change. Orpik also looks calm with Martin. They play defense and focus just on that. Letang and Nisky look like offensive threats. Engo is solid minus his one gaffe and Despres is the good/bad. His bank pass is a clear example of why he's in the line up. I don't think another defender could have done that. It was the type of pass you dream of making as a defender. And yes.. he does come with the bad.

+ Vokoun: What an amazing acquisition this is if he continues to play at this level. It's simple. He makes the save and keeps it simple. His rebound control is great. He eats the puck up or puts it in the corner. He's not flashy.. but makes a lot of saves. His ceiling obviously will never be higher than Fleury's, but his floor isn't anywhere near where #29 can take us. He's a gem to have.

+ Sutter: His defensive game alone is stellar. He'll figure out the penalty thing eventually. I just cannot believe this trade helped the Pens so much. I know Staal can change a game by himself, but we have Sid/Geno for that. Paying Staal 8M just isn't worth it if we can have Sutter for even 5.

+ 4 Points: That's all that matters.


Umm.. nothing. I guess I could wish Sid's line was playing great, but who cares? They aren't killing us. Maybe Cooke's penalty for being dumb? I feel he lost some ice time due to it?

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