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Incomplete Goalies

Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
While my initial comment was about the 06 goalies, I did expand that observation to 06 and early post expansion for the overall grouping of goalies and Dmen.

Maybe it's a positional thing and the post 80's forward group with Bure, Forsberg, Sundin, Federov, Thorton ect... might tip things back into balance, or less of a bulge.

In fairness forwards are more easy to judge as their games are more based on simple statistics and are easier to rank that way.

I just hope that voters will consider the differences between top 5 and 10 finishes (as an example) in an all Canadian 6 team league and make allowances for the differences, Us and European players plus more teams and variance possibilities, in the NHL post early 90's.

One easy way to see these differences is to look at post season all star selections and the nationality makeup of them over time.
O6 goalies and skaters had complete skills. Goalies could direct rebounds out of danger, quarterback the defensive zone setting up the transition, handle the puck ti avoid faceoffs, etc.

Today's goalies regardless of their provenance cannot complete these basic skills. They rely on pad hardness to propel the puck out of danger or equipment to compensate for other weaknesses, cause panic defensive zone faceoffs, miscommunicate with teammates causing defensive zone faceoffs or turnovers.

Does not matter if they are Canadian, American, European or other provenance today's goalies are not as good.

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