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01-20-2013, 09:56 PM
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It's just a matter of knowing there are tickets available.

Pretty much the same as the Alouettes on a much bigger scale. McGill was sold out for so much time, it stay in people mind well over a year after they upgrade the stadium in size. People dont think about buying tickets because it's in their mind that it's pretty much impossible.

The same could apply to the scrimmage of last week. How many people though this event would be pack-out? Yet there was 4000 places left. I know 4 people at my office who didnt bother going simply because they thought it would be full before they could go late that afternoon.

Of course the on ice product doesnt help. And the upperbowl prices are now insane. The upperbowl is either cheapest possible tickets for me in the Blue (last row the best since i can stay up the whole game) or 1st row on the balcony. I just feel like having the same damn view then the cheapest blue from any other stop but at double the price. Thanks but no thanks. Might as well stay at my house and watch it on the 55" with a good beer at 1/2 the price.

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