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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
From a Canuck perspective, I guess the desired result from this little experiment, is that the Leafs play really well (as a team) but are let down by goaltending over the course of the season... This should keep Toronto in the market for Luongo, to deal with directly or (more preferably, IMO) drive the price up for another team... If Toronto as a team plays poorly, then the argument that Luongo could or should help, just decreases... The team, as a whole, is ****ed... so, why pay for Luongo who will just get in the way of a re-build?

Trying to put myself in a Leaf fan perspective (those that want Luongo), I guess the desired result from this little experiment is that Luongo plays poorly (so that his price is low) and that Schneider plays well (so that Luongo is available)...

Leaf fans who don't want Luongo don't really care what happens in Vancouver, I assume... Canuck fans, however, have a vested interest with how well Toronto does, because if playing really well, yet let down by goaltending, it's reasonable to assume that they'd be interested in a Luongo during the offseason or deadline...

How should desired results be tracked? After each game both teams play, after a week at a time, after a month? What's a reasonable amount of games to determine how things are going with the experiment? After each game, does Luongo's worth change - or, are there other variables that may explain results on a micro-game-by-game basis? Same with Toronto's results... Is it worthwhile to make judgements after each game?

Leaf fans who want Luongo cheap, I assume, will be watching tonight, and want Luongo to play poorly... Leaf fans who don't want to get Luongo, I assume don't care how Luongo does either way tonight...

Regardless, as a Canuck fan, I hope that the Leafs play perfect hockey, except for the goaltending... Have a 1st round draft pick around 13th or 15th, and probably being in the market for a Luongo at the deadline or draft... Personally, I don't think Luongo is going to Toronto at all... But with Toronto in the mix, it can only help the eventual price to Florida (or elsewhere)... I'll personally check in after each week, see how things are brewing in Toronto...
From A Leafs fan forgot one option:

The Leafs play well and the goaltending is good.

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