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Originally Posted by ITM View Post
It's pretty convenient to characterize legitimate concern from one segment of Leafs fans as being prejudice from the majority of Leafs fans.

Wrong. Wrong.Wrong.

On Draft Day I would say there was much more division, certainly greater disappointment over having selected Schenn instead of Filatov, amongst others. Schenn was praised his first season, and maligned the rest of the way. When he was traded for JVR, there seemed to be a collective exhale with a maybe he can, maybe he cant attitude, but nigh consensus that too much was expected of him, unfairly simply because he was selected too high.

Again, wrong...And on point, your contriving a point of comparison that doesn't actually exist. Morgan Reilly hasn't demonstrated a thing to warrant anything but praise, anything but optimism, had this club drafted Kadri or not. And you'll recall that the day Burke selected Kadri he likewise clarified that the club had Kadri ranked higher, that they were thrilled to get him where they did...And then there's the now famous miked interaction between Burke and Murray, where any proposition of Murray flipping a pick to get Kadri was instantly squashed...And after Kadri was selected, after his highlight package was viewed, I know fans almost on the whole were very excited to see what he could develop we still are.

Wrong again. And while we're shattering contrived characterizations, let's remember accurately how Kadri presented to the Toronto media...He seemed rather confident, didn't he? Almost a little too confident to the point of expected entitlement, that apparently Wilson and Co. believed was misplaced. And that like the Perrys, and the Getzlafs and the Ryans (as is the norm in a BB run club) could use some seasoning in the AHL.

Don Cherry to the rescue...Repeatedly criticizes the Leafs for not having the kid up -- "magic hands" as it were...You have the same questioning repeat here and in bars where Leafs Nation gathers...Nothing out of the norm. Nothing out of the norm when Crosby or Ovechkin was being criticized by Shanahan or Cherry...Nothing out of the norm from a time when Lindros was being exampled as everything wrong with a young, talented hockey player seemingly too big for his good...Petulance and youth and hockey and Toronto and it's fishbowl media fed hypervigilant fans...

But Kadri's case, it must be something other than hockey, talent, draft position, association with the Burke regime, former favourite NHL club (Montreal), choice of skate brand, stick brand...It must have been something other than legitimate concern of his attitude, his weight, his conditioning, his eating habits, his...Oh <smacks head>...I get it...It's because prejudice and racism run rampant against any non-white, non-Canadian player and life for anyone other than someone born in Buckshot, Saskatchewan it's complaint worthy because -- "I don't know" -- it just seems "every time"...

Honest to God...I'm so sick and tired of this garbage...And flung here the very next day after we win against the Habs with our best forward prospect playing like he belongs, no less.
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