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01-20-2013, 09:15 PM
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I'm a Sens fan who thinks Sundin is better.

That said, I do NOT think it is a run away. Not nearly as much as people are saying. Alfredsson is more of a defensive forward and slightly less offensive. But the numbers are not crazy different.

1.002 PPG For Sundin.
0.956 PPG for Alfie.

So yeah, Sundin is more offensive.

But offensive isn't the be all end all to being a great player. There is a defensive side to things as well, and Alfie is that more defensive player. I see Alfie as a bit more of a all-around player, while Sundin is a more offensive guy.

So its hard to say, which is better. They are close, regardless.

ps. The whole Sundin is in the HHOF, is a bit of joke, as he should have never been a first ballot guy. If Sundin is, Alife will be in the HHOF someday as well (that said, he won't be a first ballot guy, and all Leafs fans will use that against Alfie).

But again, who really cares. Sens fans are hugely happy with Alfie, as he's done tonnes for the city of Ottawa, the team of Ottawa and been a HUGE mentor for the young guys on the team (especially Karlsson). He's also led the Sens to great things in the past, and continues to be a driving force for the Sens. Also, he's a great Captain for the Sens.

So I guess I conclude, Sundin is better, but only slightly, and Sens fan's shouldn't care. Alfie is a huge reason on why our team is headed in the direction they are headed in, and he's been a HUGE mentor for the Sens, which is more than anyone could ask for. So who cares Sundin has better offensive stats (its kind of hard to argue Sundin doesn't).

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