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Not so fast.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Is there any goalie available other than Lundqvist or Thomas who has any case for "best goalie of his generation?" Or does Thomas count more as part of the older Brodeur generation because of when he was born, rather than when he peaked?

I realize that someone from a generation that is only halfway through their careers can't be rated over the best of a generation that is over, but he has to be rated above guys who were the 5th-7th best of their generations, which basically what we have left otherwise, right?
Let's take a hypothetical top six goalies every season from the start to the O6 era to date and rate their skills. Into the mid eighties each of the top six would have individual skill ratings ranging from very good to elite to innovator.

Conversely from the mid 1980's onwards you would have top 6 goalies each season that would have certain skills rated at the average to poor(fail- equipmemt enhanced, compensated, aided, etc).

Should a present day goalie, regardless of age or provenance, with a few average or fail skills be rated highly just because in any given season there is always a top six? Especially if other eras were at least six deep in goalies with very good to innovator level skills.

Better yet name a NHL goalie with innovator level skills since the mid 1980s.

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