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Originally Posted by Beatnik View Post
That is simply ridiculous.

Among the intelligent things he does, is offering a very tight frame for the players. It's one of the reasons americans and euro come in Québec city, the players are forced to go to school or follow lessons everyday. Parents love that. Many quebecers parents who wanted to send their kids in the US also accepted to see them going in Quebec because of the very serious environement. Most junior teams are country clubs.

The results on ice are also amazing:

''En 499 matchs à la barre des Remparts dans la LHJMQ jusqu'ici, Roy présente un dossier de 324 victoires et 175 défaites pour un total de 680 points et un pourcentage d'efficacité de ,681.'' that means 324W 175L ,681

Oh and he won the memorial cup. Yes he had Radulov but there has been dozens or great players in the CHL that never won it.
He gets those players because of $$$$. Radulov Erne Henessey Grigorenko etc etc etc didn't go to Quebec for a better education. If you believe that I have some land to sell you.

For all the big name he brings in he's never won a Q title, you know where you go out and win 4 7 game series and prove you're the best, not a 1 game winner take all where Desjardins acn get hot and cause an upset.

Roy never goes "all in" and tries to go all the way, instead protecting his cash cow that is a .600 team that fills the Coliseee and bows out in the 2nd or 3rd round.

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