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01-20-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Hennig View Post
Actually going by my logic, we wouldn't be comparing who is the better captain between two different players because no one here actually has any ****ing idea. PLUS that is a subjective topic, and in no way be fairly rated. This thread asked who's the better player anyway.

Sundin in his career had PPG or plus, 10 times in 18 seasons, while Alfy only has 8 in 17 seasons.


Mats Sundin
GP1346 G 564 A 785 PTS 1349 ----GPG 0.41---APG 0.58--PPG 1.002
Daniel Alfredsson
GP1132 G 416 A 666 PTS 1082-----GPG 0.36----APG 0.58---PPG 0.95
Mats Sundin
GP91 G 38 A 44 PTS 82----GPG 0.41---APG 0.48---PPG 0.90
Daniel Alfredsson
GP111 G 47 A 43 PTS 90----GPG 0.42---APG 0.38---PPG 0.81

Sundin beats alfy in most of the offensive statistical categories, all while alfy had the better team surrounding him. Just by simply watching these two players it was evident that Sundin was the more dominant player.
Yes, let's fault Alfredsson for playing on the team that was better. I'm sure that had nothing to do with him being their captain and best player.

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