Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers vs. Pens | 1/20/13
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01-20-2013, 10:34 PM
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Any1feel free to disagree with me or point out if/why I'm wrong on somethings I don't profess to be an expert I just like talking hockey and what I see

The Good: Nash is the real deal. Couldn't be happier with what we got.

McD is an absolute treat to watch. He alpha'd Malkin several times tonight.

I haven't noticed Stralman much but he hasn't made any bad plays

Oh and I like what kreider has been doing so far but he needs to either increase his strength to make up for some missing smarts or get a little smarter so he can use his natural talents better. He finishes checks frequently and pressures guys often.

Nash is the re-oh wait.

The bad: Hank's the best goalie in the world but I thought he cost us the game. 2 of the goals that went in have no business going in and prob are the main reason we lost. That said what 1 out of 100 games he's actually at fault for a loss not a big deal buy a lotto ticket.

Gab looks like a shell of what he was when he first got here. I remember he'd play actual defense and make plays from his own end. He';d make passes, create space for his line and rip that shot. Now he just doesn't seem like he knows what he's doing and I've gotten a feeling he's just apprehensive out there right now. "Scared out there" would sum it up much like what I see from Mark Shi...I mean Sanchez. I was worried he was declining last year and I'm sure glad this is his contract year because either he'll turn it up or be gone before he starts to drag the team down.

Hags might be in for a long year teams might be anticipating his speed much better now and he doesn't seem to know how to make plays using his brain. and hands

Callahan makes some really dumb passes like the one that led to the EN. I wish he saw the ice better offensively.

Staal is not ready to play yet.

Someone on the blueline needs to learn how to get a shot through traffic.

The Redden: On that note Bickle needs to not fumble every wide open pass he gets. Bickel got turnstyled on that one goal and really stood out to me tonight as awful beyond belief.

Sauer is sorely missed. Hopefully McI is ready next year...could he really be so raw right now that he's as bad as Bick? Could Kundratek or Valentenko have been better options? Eminger has to earn this spot back he was playing legit top 4 D before his injury.

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