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06-23-2006, 05:19 AM
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Originally Posted by montreal25m
We have enough prospect depth, no need to make a trade to move up unless...a big if.....if the 12th team to draft was at the table ready to make there pick and Bob Gainey is shocked to see on his list a top 5 player still available. That is when he calls a time out and discuss an offer that he probably already has had discussions about. I can guarantee you this...every GM in the NHL knows who is available via trade, who is a salary dump etc.etc. and has talken to each other about different possibilities with each other on numerous occasions.

I said this many times, the draft is a crap shoot, it is overated by most on these boards. The difference from drafting 10th to the 20th pick is not that significant. Every team has different list, talent analysis and criteria when evaluating talent. A player i might see as a legit top 5 maybe in the bottom of the first round on other teams list. That is how it goes. I am just wondering what player is going to slip into the top ten and everyone on these boards are going to say "who is that kid?'

Atlanta holds the #12 pick. I can see the possibility of these guys being available for Waddell: Sheppard, Little, Frolik, maybe Brassard, Stewart, Sanguinetti.

So from that group who does Gainey covet enough to move up--probably Brassard? Given Waddell's history, he might consider a package to move down to 16.

To Montreal: #12
To Atlanta: #16 and Tomas Plekanec

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