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01-20-2013, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Gagnefan924 View Post
Literally look at my last 5 posts and you'll see me mentioning Hartman, Domi, and Furcale. But hey let's dissect my posts again.

Also who the hell are you to say three first rounders wouldn't land a top 3 pick? Once again no one proposed a trade. Chill out you sound mad.
The New York Islanders offered 7 picks to move up two spots last year. That didn't even work.

Recent history, as has been mentioned above, suggests that, the talent at the top end of the drafts has been so good that moving up has been next to impossible.

You're a team in a position to draft Nathan MacKinnon or Seth Jones. both guys have franchise making potential. Columbus comes along and offers you their three lower picks (for argument's sake, a #8/9 overall, a #20ish, and a #25ish) for your spot. Do you deal away a guy that could be the face of your franchise for the next 10 years for three lower-end prospects? Really think about it.

For comparison's sake, let's go back to 2008, when Tampa Bay found their franchise player, Steven Stamkos, first overall; and the LA Kings drafted Drew Doughty at #2, who was on their top defense pair in a Stanley Cup run. The players picked 9th, 20th, and 25th that year? Josh Bailey, Michael del Zotto, and Greg Nemisz.

This year, there is MacKinnon and Jones, and then a slight drop off to 3/4 more guys (depending on who you ask), followed by another slight drop to 5/6 guys, and then there is a huge list of guys that could go anywhere from 15-45 in the draft. Somewhat similar to that draft, in that respect, but I think this one will be better. There is a ton of depth in this draft, but the guys at the top end are so good, that no GM in his right mind will be willing to deal out of a spot where they may select them.

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