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01-20-2013, 10:57 PM
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well what can Molson expect? I seen the 3000 empty seats last year....
By all accounts the Habs are AGAIN in a REBUILD PHASE..that is the line there using,looking to future...but it is still way to fresh in peoples heads ,Gainey sold us a 5yr rebuild , and it took about 10 year to see it was here we go again ....

now tickets are way higher...Habs are saying the rebuild word again....Goona be tons of people stay away ,for good reason....

Prices are Crazy high for bad product on ice,no cups in 20 years...and crazy ticket price that suggest this org is most successful on ice in Nhl...which the excellence on ice has long gone ,an embarrassment to all legends who wore the Montreal jersey ..

will be interesting to see about 17,000 at is the wake up call they really need...

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