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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Maybe it wasn't the best example, but I don't think one generation should be punished for lacking skills as a whole that another one needed. Gets awfully close to talking about how every player today is a great skater.
Absolutely agree with not trying to punish any generations but I also don't see an even playing field being put out there either.

As for C1958 assertion of complete skills in the 06 league, I'll be polite and say absolute rubbish.

There is a real sense of nostalgia among some, thankfully not many, poster about that time era.

It's fair to say that game play was different due to equipment, training and just the lack of international status of the game.

Generally speaking though the level of skating and defensive play was nowhere near the level of competition that it has been in the last 20 years.

I really think that with 30 teams for quite a long period of time and 21 plus for the last 30 plus years, the amount of variance and the play of the big 3 in Roy, Hasek and Broduer has obscured the great level of goal tending.

I mean in the era of defensive hockey of the aslt 15 years shouldn't goalies and Dmen stand out? no doubt forwards are going to be punished for not scoring as much or dominating as much when we get to them further in the project.

It's possible but unlikely that all 3 positions (F,D,G) take a hit in the last 15 years but extremely unlikely IMO.

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