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01-20-2013, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
Oh come on Molson isn't about to tell MB how to do his job because he's selling less tickets in advance. Once we get 2 or 3 victories in a row people will start to cheer up and start go crazy and make foolish decisions such as buying 150$+ tickets and buy 15$ beers to go see a bunch of millionaires chase after a puck. Which is fine by me because I go crazy sometimes...

People just don't have anything to expect after the game yesterday, a win and the tickets would of been sold.

I'm watching Vancouver/ Oilers and 10 mins to go in a 2-1 game empty seats....

Habs nose bleeds are close to $70 bucks now to watch a so called good road team ,i just can't see how over next 8-10 years they can keep this up....the housing market was the same way,just keep upping the price, people are willing to pay....the bubble popped...same with Montreal ticket prices,especially with such poor on ice product.....perfect storm

I want to meet the first fan to buy 1 beer for $20-24 dollar at Bell where more than halfway there .....pure gouging(beer/ ticket prices) by owner, period ...

maybe will see a day where they pull out all 21,273 seats and put in 4000 luxury

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