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01-21-2013, 12:55 AM
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Anyone else listen from 12-2pm today? The 7th annual SuperBowl party. Chalk up another bored (of not horrified) $16,000 winner of a week-long SuperBowl trip. The reaction certainly did not convey appreciation. But it keeps the streak alive at 7 now. At least she was taking her son, hopefully he will study New Orleans and hit the right streets.

TEAM 1200: Time to FIRE GROSS AGAIN. Regular listener, he's EASILY the WEAKEST LINK on the Team1200. That's saying something.

Franco- agreed. Time for WARNE to get a PINK SLIP.

Neither would last 30 seconds at Yuk-Yuks. Even on a respectful crowd. Yet in their own narcissism, they think they're entertaining...

TEAM 1200: Listen to Toronto and Montreal radio 2 hours a week and compare to ANYTHING you put out.

Love Arnie Spanier Sunday mornings. The ONLY American on all of your cheap shows who knows hockey. More of the dude!

Choke smarmy egomaniac Brady Choke! 8 years in a row...

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