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01-21-2013, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by pepperMonkey View Post
Umm...and without any real hard facts this comment is rather pointless... For all we know he was offered 2mil for 2 yr. If so, should Subban check his ego by the door and play for the team for peanuts? Should Subban show how much he cares for the Habs by playing for free? Hey, what the heck, the teams so damn important, why not EVERYONE play for the Habs for free? I mean, money isn't important right? They shouldn't care about the salary.
I mean, really, unless we know the facts, you really can't say PK should check his ego by the door and show how much he cares to play for the Habs (well, unless you truly believe they should all forget about their salary and play for peanuts....).
Ok guy, so you are saying he was offered 1 million per, k gotcha. Must be nice to make strawman arguments when you can't come up with a good rebuttal. Or did you read my post at all? I stated he should earn 3.75. Reading comprehension or just too lazy so you make it up as you go.

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