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01-21-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by pepperMonkey View Post might want to read again. I never said he was offered ANYTHING. I said there is no use taking sides (i.e. Subban is in the wrong etc.) and is pointless when we don't have any hard facts.
YOU "For all we know he was offered 2mil for 2 yr"

And that is also what I had said in my post-that i also stated he was worth 3.75 to me. Which is still good money at 23 years old as the number 2 d given who we have on defence. What we need is a shot and subbans is ok, but wiz or streit are/were much better. WHy don't we have Wiz- we didn't have the cap space to sign him, too much eaten up by other players.

Also as far as his worth, if he was being low balled someone would have given him a 4 million offer sheet, not much for compensation and subban is pretty much worth that. The fact he hasn't signed one could mean he wants to play with the habs, but could also mean he likely isn't being offered less than 3.5 with the habs and its also likely no GM offered him more than 5. Which would show you what other GMs value him at.

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