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01-21-2013, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by StanGrossman View Post
I never heard one player, or even one rumour of a player saying anything bad about Hodgson. I really think that Gillis is simply arrogant and wanted to prove a point that no one was going to tell him how to play his players.

Really, Gillis should have just told the father to get lost.........and dealt with it. The team is worse off due to Gillis' need to establish his position as the boss.

Gillis is hit/miss with the moves he makes. He draft record is terrible. He comes across as a complete *******. If the team completely falls off the map this year, I would not be sad to see him turfed.
Whatever. I suppose he was supposed to draft players that jumped into the league from day 1 even though he's drafting around 30th every year. Not to mention the team placed 1st overall 2 years in a row. But hey, lets not talk about results, lets talk about shoulda woulda coulda using hindsight about his draft record...which isn't lousy, but you'd only know that if you followed other teams in the league and didn't read the province. So much for that.

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