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01-21-2013, 12:40 AM
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I ran these using Robert Cleave's work at
They aren't from "true" Corsi numbers... Robert called the "artisan" Corsi numbers haha...
I then took the teams average and made the players relative to the average...
Not pretty or true numbers gives you an idea...
Fenwick is like Corsi but doesn't take in account for blocked shots...
Also, keep in mind SUPER small sample size and I'm just guessing the match-ups from what I saw and remember...

Kane 11.42 10.67 38%
Jokinen 10.42 08.67 67%
Wellwood 11.42 13.67 60%
Ladd 02.42 03.67 45%
Little 03.42 03.67 36%
Wheeler 02.42 01.67 50%
Ponikarovsky -01.58 -05.33 33%
Burmistrov -01.58 -03.33 40%
Antropov -05.58 -03.33 50%
Thorburn -10.58 -09.33 10%
Slater -07.58 -06.33 09%
Scheifele -14.58 -14.33 14%
*looks like Noel is using similar usage as last season, he's pushing the 34d and 4th line back a bit to push up the second line
*LLW was ok and in the black, but, just as the eye-test showed us, not nearly in last years form
*Kane's line received some nice treatment due to the others being pushed back... they did get all the positive results except the one that matters most (goals)... the goals will come in time, unfortunately probably not as many as I would like unless Kane and/or Jokinen start passing it to each other better
*USSR line was in the red but relative to GST last year (~-20) stark improvement... plus the goals should come
*4th line is getting hurt but at least they aren't being killed as bad as last season since the 3rd line is taking the tougher match-ups... I'd like to see if Wright over Thorburn would produce much better results
*wonder how much better USSR and 4th line would have done if the D-core was better... Scheifele's offensive instincts served him well in the game but he isn't a prototypical bottom 6 player and hasn't really been shutting down anyone... if he doesn't get sent back down I think he may need to switch with Wellwood for sheltering

Byfuglien 8.17 11.0 50%
Enstrom 8.17 11.0 50%
Hainsey -2.83 -02.8 18%
Stuart -3.83 -03.8 11%
Postma -2.83 -02.8 38%
Clitsome -6.83 -06.8 33%
*again similar usage to last season pushing 1st forward and 2nd back...
*obviously Enstrom and Buff played well
*2nd pairing misses Bogosian but wasn't a huge difference from last season... wonder if with Hains-Bogo this pairing would ha
*3rd pairing really sucked... especially Clitsome... If Stuart is taking tougher mins than you and you can't out do him... you got a problem

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